About Us

The Azure Lorica FanFic Gala, also known as FFG, is a celebration of fandom through fanfiction and script writing in Los Angeles, CA.

Presented at Pasadena, CA, FFG is a one day event, filled with live readings from across the English speaking world, with local actors stretching their thespian limbs to play the most interesting versions of our favorite pop culture characters, such as, Spiderman, Obiwan Kenobi, the Ninja Turtles, and many more.

As a charity, Azure Lorica uses the the FanFiction events as an awareness festival, to support antibullying. By attending, you're not only enjoying amazing performances by real thespians, speaking for your childhood cartoon characters, but you're also helping us bring awareness to every person attending the event.

We welcome nonprofits and panelists seeking to participate in the event, to contact us, and get the word out to our audience how your public service is one to be known.

Email us: info @azurelorica .org

Azure Lorica FanFic Gala is an Azure Lorica project. For more information, please visit: http://www.azurelorica.org/p/about