Cancelled Indefinitely


The glorious FanFic Gala has been cancelled since 2020, due to the pandemic. The point of the festival was to give an intimate for the screenwriters to watch and hear their script read live, and immerse the audience in a mature version of "Saturday Morning Cartoons." As a free event for the public, the Pasadena Libraries sponsored our event to give a service to the community. 

It's 2021, and the age of Zoom has become our staple. FanFilm Awards has reverted back to it's original format, whereby scripts are read during the evening, prior to the award ceremony. It's solid, as attendees are able to show support for one another's projects - screening each other's films, listening to each other's scripts, and participating in panel discussion. 

We miss the FanFic Gala. But the show must go on, and live entertainment are not in the cards. 

The program styel of FanFic Gala has been adopted by FanFilm Awards, and is now part of the newest festival - collecting all of our events into one weekend. Premiering this August 21-22, Pacific Standard Time, on Zoom, we will present the Azure Lorica Summer Gala. As an online event, our attendees are logging in from across the world. 

We invite you to join us for the Azure Lorica Summer Gala, and RSVP today:

It is our deepest regret that we may have to close FanFic Gala permanently, but, hopefully, if 2022 proves to be safe for the public to gather and spectate, then perhaps we can return the live reading event to its former glory.