Here Comes FanFic Gala 2020!

FFSA'19, by Yana
When we began the FanFic Gala, we weren't planning for such an amazing event to unfold. Azure Lorica was expecting an experiment. We had so many scriptwriters, and we felt that they weren't getting the attention they deserved. And so, we tried something different.

On the morning of August 16, we began rehearsing for the show. The Actors did their cold read, and the Director coordinated the ensembles for their performance. Their energy was reserved, at first, but after a few pages turned, the scripts developed into exciting literature that even kids craved.

Not all the writers were able to reserve a seat for the event. Some were across the world, others had family obligations. Either way, we prepared a special treat for those that could, and certain cast members were more than supportive to enjoy eaches performances. The Actors used this event to stretch their voice box, taking on roles with different characters, diction, and personalities within seconds between each line. Some demanded to know what popular characters to eminate for certain roles - one was recommended to act like a Stepford Wife for Synergy (Jem and the Holograms), or an English Baron for Count Dooku (Star Wars); and others required accents: English, Brooklyn, Texan, and many more. They coordinated cheers and laughs, haunting voices and screams, but...if you were there for the festival, we did not anticipate the Jedi battle that occurred on stage. That, we must admit, were devised by the actors themselves.

On the day of the event, we had planned to start early for the sake of one of our scriptwriters, Shirley Napoleone - a returning entrant from FanFilm Awards 2017. But, alas, College took priority, so the performance for her Supernatural script's first twenty secods were recorded. Supernatural "Make New Friends" was fun, but soon after TMNT Blood Brothers followed the same situation. When Katie Grotzinger, the writer for Jem and the Holograms, one of the five Finalists, entered the room, the Director's heart went aflutter. How many fanfic writers were attending? On the first year of Azure Lorica's script festival? What was going to happen with the participating Actors - had we wasted everyone's time?

On the afternoon shift of the festival, as the one hour intermission after the Studio on 4th readings (the library's panel room at the fourth floor) directed everyone to the Donald R. Wright Auditorium (the library's 140 seat first floor theater), each ensemble returned to support the other's show. Their friends attended, then some of the public attended, and even some of the library's staff came to watch. As much as I had wished for a full house, the intrigue everyone had shown was more than humbling. It was inspiring.
People soon begun whispering to each other, between shows, and our Photographers kept taking photos left and right, and I couldn't help but hear the Actors love the chance to use this festival as a testing ground for their new skills - accents, diction, personalities - all that was required of them were set to challenge their talents. For the Actors, FanFic Gala was a chance to experiment. And that was their favorite part about it.

After the festival ran its course, Azure Lorica's staff decided to finish early, as the Library requested for everyone's departure before it's closing period. The opportunity was there. Everyone had taken photos, the audience had been hyped, and so the award ceremony began nearly an hour early. And we closed with the satisfaction that FanFic Gala had been a benefit to not just someone, but to everyone: the Actors with the challenge of multiple roles, the Writers with the honor of returning home with a trophy, and our Staff with a new annual production to look forward to.

The closing was a quiet one, with handshakes and pleasantries exchanged. People networked, connected over other productions they knew each other from, and requested to return for another round of fanfiction. And a little girl had asked her Dad to come back for more. One must admit, if the the point of the event was to experiment whether FanFic Gala was a necessary festival for the Writers, it has proven itself moreso for the community and thespians involved.

In the aftermath of this big bang, Azure Lorica plans to publish further news and interview from the participating Actors and Writers. Their contribution made FanFic Gala a success, and we are so curious of whom have made this magical event a reality, for all of us. Thanks to them, there's more demand for more fanfiction.

Hence, by 2020, FanFic Gala will be back. And it's all thanks to all of you.