Welcome to Aware Fest!


It’s hasn’t even been a year, since Azure Lorica adopted the new festival, and already they’ve given it a new name. What was originally the Secret Admirer Society Film Festival became the Eclipse International Film Festival, and now the newly improved Azure Lorica Awareness Festival (a.k.a. Aware Fest). The story is complicated, but we hope to shed some light into this Brand-Odyssey:

When it all began, the Secret Admirer Society (SAS), a small company aiming to spread multiculturalism through media, was liquidating assets to build their film project. Management was short staffed, and so they removed other projects from their plate, and donated it to Azure Lorica. Since their film festival hadn’t even reached its first year premiere, the worth of the project was nearly zero. The cost of the festival would’ve been a distraction for SAS, and so with a sense of charity, the proposal went to the charity organization. Needless to say, the project is now Azure Lorica’s to produce. But what cam after was a doozy.

Since the event was no longer a SAS project, Azure Lorica had to rename the festival altogether. The festival production went well, but the entrants were less than what Azure Lorica had expected, in number and in conviction. It seems that multiculturalism was more of a salad bowl in many parts of the world, rather than a melting pot. And the cause felt derailed.

A few months later, an executive order was made, and the cause changed. From accepting multiethnicity, feminism, LGBT equaltiy, and more, the festival had moved on to mental health awareness. And to boot, the program moved from a live festival, to an online festival. Removing the word “film” from the title, Azure Lorica had renamed it the Azure Lorica Awareness Festival, or Aware Fest. No ensinuations have been made, as to whether it will continue as just a film festival, or if it will spread its genre further into other forms of art or media, or program, but we are hopeful.

With the new direction into mental health awareness, Azure Lorica is pushing for a centralized form of equality, an empathetic community, that deals more into the social problems of discrimination and bigotry, rather than encouraging the bullies to continue the bickering without resolve. So, please spread the word, and invite filmmakers and script writers to submit to the Azure Lorica Awareness Festival!


Deadline: Nov. 15